Web Maintenance & Hosting.

Do you want more control over your website and how your business is presented to the world? Instead of using popular services like GoDaddy, allow Social Network MD to host and maintain your website.

Technology progresses at a rate far faster than real life. Wasn’t it just the other day we were using floppy disks that maxed out at 1MB? Now most image and document files are much larger than that. It’s the same concept with your website. We design and develop our websites on the cutting edge of today’s technology, but in six months or a year there could be minor tweaks or major updates that could get costly or cost you your site entirely.

When you host with us, we ensure that your site stays up to date. We also have plans that allow for monthly content updates at an affordable rate so you can keep your site fresh.

Ultimately, your business will be much better off with the help of a team like ours that’s familiar with and personally invested in your business and its success.

Benefits of our Maintenance & Hosting Services:

  • Let our tech experts handle the upkeep of your website
  • We handle your SSL certificate renewals, so your site stays protected and encrypted
  • Request monthly or quarterly updates to keep your content fresh

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