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Influencer Marketing.

Just call us the ultimate marketing matchmakers! We don’t force relationships. Instead, we pair your brand with influencers that are naturally a fit and who are genuinely thrilled about your products and services. Our influencer marketing campaigns are more effective as a result.

That’s not the only thing that contributes to success, though. We’re also very choosy when it comes to the reach and audience of an influencer. We have to ask ourselves whether or not a partnership will get you closer to your goals. In answering this question, we consider the category an influencer falls into. Are they a macro-influencer or a micro-influencer?

Macro Influencers

An influencer with a huge following (i.e. 250k, 500k or even upwards of 1 million). It’s best to partner with these individuals when the goal is to get your brand in front of as many eyes as possible.

Micro Influencers

An influencer with a smaller, more intimate, relationship-based following. Their persona often resembles a close friend or family member whose recommendations and advice are trusted by others. These influencers can earn you some major credibility points with a very specific portion of your target market.

In any case, our aim is always to make sure that your messaging and offerings resonate strongly with your audience.

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