Business & Competitive Analysis.

The key to your business success may very well lie in finding out what your competitors are and aren’t doing.

Could you improve upon a tactic they’re using? Does the evidence suggest that something they’re doing is having a negative impact and doesn’t work for your shared audience? What opportunities are there for you to stand out from the crowd? All of these are questions we answer by examining several factors under a microscope.

Among other things, our in-depth competitor analysis reports always break down:

  • Traffic Analytics – Where your rivals focus their attention when it comes to marketing and where they get most of their leads from
  • Domain Overview – Your competitors’ SEM strategies, advertising tactics and online performance
  • Organic Research – SEO practices, keyword strategies, and who’s ranking highest in specific categories on Google
  • Keyword Gap – Keywords you’ve missed and can optimize for to get a higher ROI
  • Backlink Analytics – The top referral sources of your competitors
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