What is web hosting?

Web hosting is where the files of your website are stored. The big picture is so much more.

Your website is where visitors turn into customers, therefore it’s crucial to have quality hosting and maintenance services for your site. This article explains the elements that make up your website, including the web address (domain name), web hosting, maintenance, and SSL.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is where the files of a website live, including the code, images, videos, and data. Without web hosting, a domain will be an empty web page with nothing to share.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates

SSL certificates are required by all web browsers. Without SSL, an error page will warn users that the site isn’t safe and encourage them to leave the website. In addition, if left unsecured without SSL, data between your website and users can be intercepted by attackers.


On-going maintenance allows for websites to be continuously monitored and updated. Our developers build alerts and triggers into our sites so that they are able to troubleshoot issues in real-time. In addition, we save backup files, so in case a site goes down, there’s a version saved that can be easily re-uploaded to the server.