What is a Mobile-First Website Design?

Mobile browsing has officially surpassed desktop browsing. Make sure your website looks put together and polished on every screen size.

Your potential users are more likely to access your website via their phones. When designing your website, we have to consider how this fact influences traffic to your website–and that’s why we design mobile-first.

What is mobile-first?

Simply put, “mobile-first” is designing from the smallest screen to the largest screen. This design method allows us to consider the user experience across all devices and strategize how to simplify your organization’s most important information.

The Mobile-First approach allows us to make a website clear, consistent, and user-friendly. We aim to create a solid foundation for comprehensive website design by starting with the most simplified version of the website and working to the most complex.

Goals of mobile-first website?

  • Increase conversion rates with seamless, intuitive user experience.
  • Content over navigation - Users can find the information they need quickly and with ease
  • Streamline your website by placing the most important content at the top of each page
  • Including mobile functions from the start will ensure a beautiful and functional user experience.

Design a site that works for all devices. SNMD can help you design a UX-centric website with clickable or collapsible menus, icons, scalable elements, horizontal scrolling, large call to action buttons, and more!

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