How to install your custom HTML email signature

Each email platform has its own method of installation–and we've compiled the list here for your convenience


Gmail is by far the easiest platform to install your email signature in. If we designed your email, you will have a coded HTML file.

  1. Open the HTML file in your web browser (like Chrome, Firefox or Safari)
  2. Highlight all of the content
  3. Right-click and click Copy or click Control + C (Command + C on Mac) to copy to your clipboard
  4. Log in to your Gmail Account
  5. Click on the Settings Icon (cog wheel icon) in the top right, the bar second from the top, then click Settings from the dropdown menu
  6. Under the General tab, scroll down until you see the Signature section
  7. Click into the text box and either right-click paste or Control + V to paste.
  8. Scroll to the bottom and click Save Changes


Follow this tutorial

Apple Mail

Follow this tutorial

Don't see your email platform?

Do you use another email platform? Email your SNMD account manager and let us know