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Case StudyPowerful Pepper Co. Branding & Packaging

Powerful Pepper Co. came to us with a hot idea that literally grew out of a garden. As a result of growing too many habaneros peppers and finding a delicious way to preserve all of those spicy peppers, a new business was born. Powerful Pepper produces a variety of spicy foods for spicy people.


  • Website Design & Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Product Packaging

Our Process

Define. Design. Deliver.

The owner of Powerful Pepper Co. wanted to create a brand that combined his unique passions, experiences and new spicy-foods venture. In addition to brand idenity, our client needed a variety of assets to establish the brand before introducing its spicy flavors to consumers.

After establishing the brand, Social Network MD dove into designing labels for the first batch of hot sauces, developing an e-commerce website supported by Shopify, and sourcing spicy swag.

As Powerful Pepper has grown, Social Network MD has been right there with them. We’ve worked on a variety of projects such as a booth for local festivals, dynamic display packaging, new product labels, digital ads and more.

One of the many things we love about Powerful Pepper is that they source illustrations from Atlanta-based artists which allows us to be really creative when it comes to fusing the brand with custom art!

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The Results


Website Design

Product Packaging


Digital Marketing