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With three beautiful locations, HydraPlus is Atlanta’s premier destination for achieving wellness, inside and out. In addition to providing customized vitamin IV and injection therapies, HydraPlus offers an array of cutting-edge treatments focused on safely alleviating the cumulative effects of stress, fatigue and dehydration.


  • Logo & Branding
  • Website Design & Development
  • Content Creation & Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
Hydra Plus Logo

Our Process

Define. Design. Deliver.

The new owner of HydraPlus came to us with a vision. A vision to rebrand the company, expand on service offerings, establish its digital presence and increase appointment bookings. We dove right in.

While working on the rebrand project, we audited the IV therapy company’s digital footprint and found that pertanant information was inaccurate across the internet. Using best practices, the Hydra+ listings were updated, optimized and pushed out across major listing sites.

Our team exceeded expectations as they rolled out the brand’s new look and feel which could be described as clean, crisp, tranquil, serene…spa-like. Simultaneously, Hydra+ expanded its service offerings and renovated their stores. A new tone had been set.

Next up…a modern website. The Hydra+ website was designed and developed with UX, performance and SEO in mind. The site is full of valuable information, features a chat option and easy to find appointment booking prompts.

The rebrand and digital presence improvements combined with a dynamic marketing mix have proved to be what the brand needed to increase brand awareness, appointment bookings and happy customers.

Three Triangles

The Results


Website & Digital Marketing

The new Hydra+ website was launched March 2021. The combination of having a well designed and developed website, proper tracking implemented and active digital marketing campaigns, we have seen significant growth in website activity.

Average Monthly Website Data, Year-over-year





PPC (Pay-per-click)

Simultaneous with launching the new website, we performed a competitive analysis and audit of the existing pay-per-click account. Based on our findings, we optimized the account and re-launched the HydraPlus Google Ads campaign. We saw immediate results and over the course of the year have implemented incremental budget increases and Google’s Performance Max (PMax) campaign option. We think the results speak for themselves!

Person viewing the Hydra Plus website on their phone

Google Ads Data, year-over-year









Cost Per Click (CPC)


Paid Social

Prior to launching paid ads on Facebook and Instagram, website visits and conversions attributed to social were dismal. Though organic posting is essential, paid ads are what really move the needle. The beauty of social advertising is that businesss can reach large audiences for a relatively low price. Launching these campaigns with custom audiences and engaging content has made impressive impact. Hydra+ also frequently hears that customers learned about their business and services on social.

Average Monthly Website Data - Social as a Source, year-over-year





Directory Listings

With 3 locations, duplicate listings, and inconsistent information Hydra+ business information was inaccurate across the internet. By activating our Directory Listing service, Hydra+'s contact information is now streamlined and accurate. This service allows our to clients submit, update and monitor business information like hours of operation from a single dashboard.

Google My Business (GMB)

Speaking of Directory Listings, Google My Business (GMB) is king. 64% of consumers have used Google My Business to find contact details for a local business. In addition to keeping these listings accurate, generating reviews and posting regularly further leverages this platform. We worked with the Hydra+ management team to develop a program focused on generating customer reviews and our team posts to GMB regularly on their behalf. Whether customers know you or not, having optimized GMB pages goes a long way.

90k+ consumers are finding Hydra+ on GMB each quarter

2% Branded

People who found Hydra+ searching for a related brand

6% Direct

People who found Hydra+ by searching for their business name or address

92% Discover

People who found Hydra+ searching for a category, product or service

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO has been at top of mind from the start. In effort to maximize the opportunity to generate search engine traffic, the new website launched with best practices in place. Our on-going SEO service package has proved to be a successful strategy when it comes to achieving HydraPlus’ goal of showing up at the top of local organic search results. When analyzing the data, we’ve noticed that organic website visitors stay on the site longer and view more pages than visitors from other sources.

Average Monthly Website Data - Organic as a Source, year-over-year





In April 2022, organic search results accounted for:

47% of Sessions

25% of Conversions

Organic visitors viewed an average of 7.27 pages per session and stayed on the site longer than most visitors.

To date and just a few months into the program, of the 41 keywords we are targeting, 90% are ranking on Google and 54% are ranking on Bing. Many of those keywords are in the #1 position.